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Q: Can a Rustic Shingle roof be walked on?
Yes, you can walk on a Rustic Shingle roof. You must step on the upper half of the panels where they taper to rest on the roof deck. If you have a roof area that receives regular foot traffic, we offer an optional foam backer that fills the airspace beneath the shingle and offers added walkability.

Q: Is Rustic Shingle noisy in the rain?
No, most homeowners notice no difference. The wood-grain texture of the panel keeps it from reverberating like flat metal roofing does. Normal attic insulation also absorbs most of the sound. We've never had a complaint about rain noise with a Rustic Shingle roof.

Q: What about hail?
Rustic Shingle has passed UL 2218 Impact Testing with a Class IV rating, the highest available. This means Rustic Shingle qualifies homeowners for hail-resistant roofing discounts on their homeowners' insurance in some states (ask your insurance agent for full details). In addition, the Kynar finish is warranted not to chip due to hail impact. Finally, because Rustic Shingle is constructed of high-quality aluminum, it doesn't lose its impact-resistance with age like other roofing materials do. So while other roofing products provide less and less protection for your home each year, homes protected by Rustic Shingle maintain their lasting dependability for years and years to come.


Q: What warranty is offered on Rustic Shingle?
Rustic Shingle is backed by an industry-leading three-part warranty including:

  1. Lifetime Warranty protection for the original purchasers of a Rustic Shingle roof, so long as they live in that home.
  2. 50-Year Transferable protection for those owners and all future owners including coverage on the finish and hail protection.
  3. 20-Year Fade protection that says, after 20 years, the finish and color on Rustic Shingle will be within a very small, verifiable change from the color it was the day it was installed. Please contact your local Rustic Shingle dealer for a copy of this unmatched warranty.

Q: Can Rustic Shingle be installed on my roof?
Rustic Shingle installation requires a minimum pitch of 3 in 12. The product is often installed over existing roofs without a tear-off. Your Rustic Shingle dealer can determine if your roof, like most, is suitable for a Rustic Shingle roof-over. Of course, Rustic Shingle is perfect for new construction too, requiring solid decking and 30# felt underlayment.

Q: What's the price per square foot?
Please complete the feedback form on our Contact page or call us for a premise visit and we will prepare a personalized quote for you. Rustic Shingle is a premium roofing product, but we cannot suggest an installed price as every roof is different.

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